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We provide a file-sharing solution for mobile files like APKs. You may quickly post your APK files and share them.  Get Unlimited disk space, unlimited downloads, and speed.

Upload APK Files

Upload APK Files

Upload your Apps' and Games' large APK files to APK Cart and access them anywhere in the world for free. Signup to get unlimited cloud storage.

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Get a Direct Download Link

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APK Cart is really simple to use and fulfills users' needs. However, if you face any difficulty, you can get help from the FAQ section.

On APK Cart, you just need to tap on the upload button and select the APK file you want to upload. After that, it will ask you to either delete the file after sometime or not. If you want delect just select the time, otherwise select don't auto delete. Now tap, upload and it will start to upload the file. After that, It will give you direct download link. If you want to have a history of your files and want to access them anytime, then just make an account.

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